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Kingston upon Hull was one of the most blitz damaged cities during WWII and growing up in the sixties I often played on bomb sites but did not connect those war films I saw on television with my playgrounds. It was not until some years later that began to hear and read about this period of my home town’s history. There is no information board at this space to tell its past.

St Peter’s Church, Drypool Green

This statue near the junction of St Peter Street and Great Union Street, Hull. The church (now gone) is also known on early maps of Hull as Drypool Church and Drypool Green Church, and appears on G W Bacon’s 1906 map for Kelly’s Directories Ltd. It is marked by the symbol for a church with a tower on the 1940s OS New Popular Edition map. The churchyard nowadays is a small grassy refuge in the busy industrial area around the Citadel Trading Park.

Here at 3″22′ to 3″38′ you see the Church and the damage it sustained

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