back garden, green fences, two seats, winter, bird feeders and mirror

In the old bathroom mirror leaning against the back garden fence you can see our roof with its solar panels and the sky. This year felt full of time to dwell on things. Today is the last day of the second lockdown, tomorrow we go into Tier 3 restrictions. There are temptations are to organise a met up for a walk on the beach with friends from other households, to go into shops to browse and then to make a grotto in the back garden. I am thinking flashing lights, trees, candles, mulled wine and inflatable snowmen. It may happen, this time last year we where in London in Carnaby Street photographing the Christmas lights. The crowds were more negotiable than the year before because we have come a full three weeks earlier. We were looking forward to going to Kew Gardens for their light show and also going to see The Snowman at Sadler Well’s and several other festive events. This year is different and yet the same. The trolleys in the supermarkets are starting to be filled with treats and there are a few gaps on the shelves. The weather forecast hints at colder weather, frost and perhaps a flurry of snow somewhere in the county.

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