My Holderness

I wanted a single template map to work from on this project. After trying several ways of down loading portions of maps from sites on the internet I went back to old fashioned pencil, ruler and image. I will work out the scale another day but for now I am happy with this result.

The plain of Holderness is a geographical region of Yorkshire. To the west and north are the dip slopes of the Yorkshire Wolds (although I have chosen the Wolds Way as my alternative boundary) and to the south and east by the Humber Estuary and the North Sea. 

Scanned on to white copy paper. The line of dashes is the route of the Wolds Way walk

Holderness can be usefully sub-divided into five topographical parts.  

  • Holderness clay lands 
  • Flood plain of the River Hull 
  • Slit lands of the Humber Bank 
  • Dip slopes of the Yorkshire Wolds 
  • Barmston overflow channel 

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