1890 Ordinance Survey Map

Highlighting the old drain under the allotment site

Areas on the allotment site are under standing water today. Storm Ciara and Strom Dennis have passed. The water table is very high and digging is a claggy business. I only need to dig out brambles and weeds until it is time to sow or plant this years crops.

One of the plots on the trace of the old drain

I have the tenancy on Plot 30. I only did a small amount of work today. It is so slippery that working the ground is dangerous. I am continuing the clearing I began just over a year ago to make the plot productive. The plot is at one edge of the allotment site and although not on the site plan I know a small culverted drain runs along the length of it next to or just under the boundary fence. When I took on the plot last year it had been unused for four years and was a mess.

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