As high as I have seen it

Holderness Drain seen from Maybury Road swollen with water following Storm Ciara

This will be my first blog post in learning how to write. It will be woolly and lack some focus. It might be what is referred to as ‘practice-led’ in the fullest sense of the term. I hope to write my version of my home town. This will not be a psycho-geographical piece of writing. There will be limited flaneur-type activity, no wandering with the intent to become lost. This does not mean a route map already exists, there will be turns, returns and cul-de-sacs in the writing. What it does mean is that I do not know where things will lead. Anything might take my interest, a topic could overwhelm a post, some topics will recur and some things a reader might expect will not appear at all. This writing is also research, writing to think and a means to clarify thoughts. 

The title caught my eye

The day began with a one overarching thought, ‘had my allotment plot survived Storm Ciara’? I was not adrift in purpose and walked the same way to Bilton Grove allotment site as I had probably hundreds of times before. Surprisingly, my plot, Plot30 had come though with no damage. I shall in future posts give more details about the allotment site’s history. Looking at the gallery of photographs below I think Swan Field, as the area was known may not be named for a person but had previously been a field that swans inhabited. The site does get a considerable patch of standing water after rain.

I have not written as much as I hoped in an hour or so. I have discovered the gallery block feature in Gutenberg (the editor for Word Press). There may be too many commas.

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