This is a simple means of placing where Plot 30 is. The location and situation will be explored and expanded on in future posts.

One frustration of starting this blog is how difficult I am finding including maps. I am sure I will work this out. Another is working with the Gutenberg editor of WordPress. It is very flexible but not intuitive. However,these problems are useful as I have not written much recently and searching the ‘web’and browsing for answers is becoming an ally of procrastination.

Kingston upon Hull is a unitary authority on the east coast of England. It is a port city. Its geographical position is a contextual element in both my family history and artistic practice. Being able to locate oneself is an important part of how care for and about a place develops.

Kingston upon Hull is more usually referred to as Hull. It lies on the Humber estuary and developed around the mouth of the river Hull. The outlet of the river is believed to have changed to it current one in the early medieval period.

Hull is divided by its river. Industry and community have similarly separated by the river. The west side was home to the deep sea fishing and where my maternal family lived and worked. Plot 30 is in the east of the city.

Here is Bilton Grove Allotments (here labelled Bilton Road). The nearby waterway is Holderness Drain which has a sluice controlled outlet on the Humber.

all maps used are from © OpenStreetMap contributors

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