Where to start anything often feels both arbitrary and reasoned. I shall begin with what at the time was a request to my parents for some family history and the random things that keep arriving. The photograph below was the first thing that my parents brought in response to my interest in our past.

Edith at age 14

This is my maternal grandmother Edith Walmsley and the year is 1923. I first saw this photograph a couple of months ago (February 2019). It was in a small number of photographs my parents brought when I asked if they could help but some faces and/or stories to the family tree we had started. I was surprised that they had any old pictures as I had the impression that they had cleared almost everything out in recent years.

Edith at 18

Edith was born 3rd July 1909. Married 4th January 1933. I do not have a photograph of the wedding at the moment but I may be able to find one from other family members.